2017 - Chemical

Chemical Final-1.png
Chemical Final-1.png

2017 - Chemical


As fears grow around food shortages and food scares, chemically made products and scientifically grown foods come to the fore. From lab grown burgers to Soylent; agriculture is being replaced. There is a sense of decay and death. Death of fashion. Death of the old way, the old rules and systems. When it seems that upheld beliefs no longer work and previous rules now longer apply, there is an end of the old way, a falling apart.

This report includes:

  • a macro trend context
  • global indicators to show why this is an upcoming trend
  • double page mood board of high resolution images for visual context
  • global trend examples and images
  • 2 micro trends and examples: Decay & Tarnished
  • Pages: 6
  • Format: PDF
  • Delivery: Immediate download
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