2017 - Olfactory

Olfactory Final-1.png
Olfactory Final-1.png

2017 - Olfactory


Marketing and advertising have exhausted most visual and auditory possibilities and in the world of product promotion the consumers’ senses are saturated. From mobile scent devices, USBs, fragranced visual experiences, scented advertising to public experiences which are hightened by smell; olfactory will be the watch word of the year. Inhaling food and alcohol will enable brands and consumers to circumnavigate issues like calories or health restrictions.

This report includes: 

  • a macro trend context
  • global indicators to show why this is an upcoming trend
  • double page mood board of high resolution images for visual context
  • global trend examples and images
  • 2 micro trend and examples: Scent Branding & Inhaling
  • Pages: 7
  • Format: PDF
  • Delivery: Immediate download
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