2017 - The Silver Race

The Silver Race Final-1.png
The Silver Race Final-1.png

2017 - The Silver Race


What was once considered to be ‘old age’ is now just a number. We are witnessing a new and powerful demographic in the once forgotten ‘silver race’. Their vibrancy, youth and life expectancy makes them a viable target for new products and services which were once only aimed at the young. We now see older people used in advertising which speaks across generations. No longer over-looked as the silver-haired irrelevant generation.

This report includes: 

  • a macro trend context
  • global indicators to show why this is an upcoming trend
  • double page mood board of high resolution images for visual context
  • global trend examples and images
  • 2 micro trends and examples: Moral Codes & Age Specifics
  • Pages:  6
  • Format: PDF
  • Delivery: Immediate download
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