2015 - Ritual of the Everyday


2015 - Ritual of the Everyday


From a celebrity obsessed time, when aspirations were focused on perfection via botox, surgery and intervention, a time of presenting the flawless version of self on social media sites, to a time of realness. We are heading into a time of genuine authenticity and returning to the true self. The focus will be on real not hyper real, not reality TV or embellished experiences, but the bare truth stripped of any gloss and glamour.

This report includes:

  • a macro trend context
  • global indicators to show why this is an upcoming trend
  • double page mood board of high resolution images for visual context
  • fully referenced global trend examples and images
  • 4 micro trends and examples: Bread: Unregulated: Non-Chef Chef: Beige:
  • 3 contributor essays
  • trend take-aways to translate the findings into action points for your business
  • Pages: 26
  • Format: PDF
  • Delivery: Immediate download
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