Trend Briefings

Bellwether: Food Trends present engaging, stimulating and diverse talks on category specific subjects and also time-specific general trend overviews. Designed to be entertaining and informative, the trend briefings range from 30 minute overviews to 90 minute in depth presentations and can be tailored to any business brief.

NB: these are not ‘graphs, stats and charts’ lectures which have the audience looking forward to the coffee break and not to the future …

Bellwether: Food Trends briefings:

  • Inspirational trend briefing seminars delivered on a variety of food topics
  • Bespoke lectures to inspire innovation and idea exploration
  • General trend overviews and also category specific lectures
  • Bringing to life consumer trends, aesthetics, values and emergent thinking
  • Suitable for keynotes, team inspiration sessions, public seminars, educational stimulus, subject-specific senior meetings
  • Q&A deep dive at the end of each presentation